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Charity Miles

Imagine making your daily workout count for something more than just calories… Well, all you need is , a free iPhone/Android app that empowers you to earn money for charity anytime you walk, run or bike.

Charity Miles was started by my oldest friend, Gene Gurkoff (we have know each other since he was just a few months old)! Gene has run over thirty marathons and five Ironman triathlons to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation in honor of his grandfather (who is like a grandfather to me), who has Parkinson’s (a disease my grandfather also suffered from). While grateful for all of his friends’ and family’s support, Gene found it impossible to attract corporate sponsors. So, he created Charity Miles as a platform for the millions of Americans like him to come together and earn corporate sponsorships for their charities. For more about the Charity Miles story, please click .

Ten of the world’s best charities have signed onto pilot Charity Miles. These charities include:
1. Autism Speaks
3. Achilles International
4. Feeding America
5. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
6. Habitat for Humanity
7. The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research
8. The Nature Conservancy
9. Pencils of Promise
10. The World Food Programme

The app itself is beautifully designed and very easy to use. Just choose a charity and hit the streets. As you walk, run or bike the app will track your distance and you’ll earn money for your charity— 10¢ per mile for bikers; 25¢ per mile for walkers and runners, all up to $1,000,000, which Gene and his partners are self-funding in order to prove the concept and attract corporate sponsors to sustain the program long-term. Several major sponsors are already interested.

The app launched on June 1, with the . So please download Charity Miles to your  or  today. And, please share this with your friends… Because changing the world is a team sport.





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