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Lower Back Pain with Saul Zion

Tired of dealing with low back pain while sitting at your desk? Below are some changes you can make to make your workspace more biomechanically correct!

1. Keep your feet flat on the floor:
Don’t cross your legs or sit on your leg. Having weight evenly distributed between your lower extremities takes pressure off of your back. Use a stool under your feet if they don’t reach the floor.

2. Keep your hips slightly higher than your knees at approximately a 110-120 degree angle:
This makes it harder to slouch in your chair. You may have to adjust your seat height.

3. Keep your elbows directly under your shoulders at a 90 degree angle:
This lowers stress to your low back and neck. The further your arms are reaching the more your muscles have to work to maintain them in that position!!

4. Keep your mouse and phone close to you:
Constantly reaching for these objects during the day leads to excessive muscle activity in your neck and back. Try using a headset if possible.

5. Keep you monitor eye level or an inch above eye level:
A low or high monitor can cause your neck to be in an abnormal position throwing off the rest of your body mechanics while sitting.

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