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Mind over Matter Health and Fitness with Joshua Margolis, CPT

Joshua Margolis, CPT
Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness

Making Fitness Fun!  

1. When it comes to lugging your stuff to the beach, you don’t have to put it on wheels.  Carrying your things back and forth can be your workout. Bring a frisbee, perhaps a game of kadima, -anything will work, as long as your heart rate is elevated for 30 minutes.

2. Play in the water.  Swimming has been around for a long time, and for good reason: it’s great exercise.  Another hot and heart pumping water exercise is surfing or stand up paddling.

3. Running or speed walking along the beach is more of a challenge than your typical treadmill.  Due to the uneven, soft surface, your muscles have to work harder to help with stability.

4. Cooler step-ups: this is one from the videotape, but use your cooler as a step bench similar to those in class at the gym.  It is a great way to tone your glutes and your hamstrings.

5. Sand castles: they’re not just for kids any more.  Don’t be afraid to get down and sandy.  Rolling around on the ground and shoveling sand for an hour is enough to fatigue anyone.  Volunteer for those trips filling up the pails with water!

6. Park bench step-ups: it is the same concept as the cooler but now you’re in the park using a picnic table or bench.

7. Good old fashioned game of tag or hide and seek.  Either will work.  Kids can play for hours.  Challenge yourself to keep up.

8. Bike/rollerblade/skateboard. Get moving on those wheels!

9. Bench push-ups.  Just like it sounds, use a bench as support and do push-ups on it.  For more difficulty, use the lower, seat part, of the bench push-up. Vary it up: 2 on top, 2 on bottom, hands close, hands wide…

10. Take advantage of your surroundings.  If there is a low strong tree branch, do some pull ups, soft grassy areas are great for abdominal routines, stretching and yoga, jungle gyms great for dips, pull-ups, balancing on balance beams, run up slide stairs as fast as possible.

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