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The Ashram

I had the most amazing time at the Ashram in Calabasas California. The retreat began on Sunday July 1, 2012. I was picked up at 12pm at the hotel with 11 others. We drove about 45 minutes to the house where we all lived for a week.

As we arrived we were told we could find our name written on the door of our room. Some would be singles and others have a roommate. The house had 4 bathrooms to share. I was on the first floor, happily after hours of hiking, with Cindy.

We quickly unpacked, had some crudite with tahini dip and began our first hike which was about 90 minutes. The view was spectacular! I learned how to fill my camelpak and met some of the other participants.

We returned for yoga and then had dinner; quinoa and arugula salad with beets.

The following days we were woken up at 530am, followed by breakfast at 6 and off to our hike by 7am. We would drive anywhere between 5-40 minutes to the starting point. Our guides would explain the terrain and we began. The also warned us about rattle snacks. I was not so pleased with this sign:

I quickly learned that if I stopped, even just for a few minutes, it was really tough to get going again. The guides would give out a few almonds and/or 2 dates as we schlepped uphill. I couldn’t even stomach them as my abs were so engaged protecting my back. Midway on most days we would pass the van and have a few apple and/or watermelon slices. They provided himalayan sea-salt to help keep electrolytes in balance. We finished between 12 and 1pm and headed back for restorative yoga. By day 3 we asked for 60 minutes of shavasana! Check out the yoga dome.

Lunches were pretty simple: salad with some grain or protein- like raw hummus, raw sunflower seed pate, veggie sushi roll and lemon water. I gobbled it up, well…tried to eat slow, and got ready for one of the best parts of the day: my massage! I decided to skip having free time after lunch and get my treatment then so I could take all the afternoon classes. I loved the little huts where I would meet my therapist daily. They were so special.

Then just when I felt relaxed it was time for water aerobics followed by pool volleyball. The aerobics only lasted the first two days until we insisted on an hour of volleyball. The pool was tiny and it was hysterical when we played 5 against 5. Return of Meet The Fockers!

Now it was time to rinse off and head to the gym for 2 classes. They ranged from Bar Method to TRX. Luckily they were geared towards newbies since my body was beat! We finished the day with another restorative yoga class and then all sat at the table for dinner. The ideas was that you could come and go as you pleased for breakfast and lunch but dinner we all sat down together.

If I didn’t already mention it, meals were small portions. This was our last dinner: spinach salad with 1/2 hard boiled egg and 2 flax crackers.

I was very proud of everyone for sharing their struggles, successes, and support this week. It felt amazing as we powered through our final hike on Saturday.

I definitely left the Ashram more at peace.

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