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The Dietary Cholesterol Smoke Screen – Are Eggs Still Healthy Fare?


We all know so-called “bad” cholesterol – LDL- can be a risk factor for heart disease when elevated as it can clog arteries with sticky plaque and limit healthy blood flow. (While on the other hand “good” cholesterol – HDL- can be protective if elevated.) We also […]

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Tricks for Treating Halloween Candy Cravings


It’s hard enough to turn away from the candy aisle at your supermarket checkout. Must they also display the cute pumpkin-shaped “peeps” within arm’s reach? Yes, sugar mongers, it’s once again “trick or treat” season. The real trick, however, seems to be figuring out how to resist […]

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Apple Butter


Ingredients 10 medium sized apples (Pick your favorite sweet variety such as: McIntosh, Pink Lady, Fuji, Gala..) 2 cups of unsweetened apple juice or approximately 5 apples juiced 1/4 cup water 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar 1 T cinnamon 1/2 t pure vanilla extrac 1/4 t ground […]

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Conditioning Corner: Sweaty Saturday


Sweaty Saturday™ is the first day New York City is devoting entirely to fitness, health and wellness. Sweaty Saturday™ on October 13, 2012 brings together New York City’s finest fitness studios, health brands and wellness experts. Studios will offer special classes and amazing music, and there will […]

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