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The Dietary Cholesterol Smoke Screen – Are Eggs Still Healthy Fare?

We all know so-called “bad” cholesterol – LDL- can be a risk factor for heart disease when elevated as it can clog arteries with sticky plaque and limit healthy blood flow. (While on the other hand “good” cholesterol – HDL- can be protective if elevated.) We also know that cholesterol can come from two sources – what our genes instruct our bodies to naturally create and what foods we eat. However, the danger of consuming foods high in cholesterol including eggs and shrimp has usually taken a back seat to the danger of eating foods high in saturated fats and trans fats – substances that are the real culprits in plaque formation and coronary heart disease as far as diet is concerned.

So, just when you think it’s safe to crack open a couple of eggs, researchers have a way of reining us back in. Although they survived the original hoopla of early cholesterol recommendations, eggs are now back in the laboratory and being scrutinized for their heart health implications. Specifically, a Canadian study is equating high egg consumption and its damage to arteries with the effects of smoking cigarettes. Yes, you heard right. But beware – the study ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Although egg yolks are definitely high in saturated fat as well as cholesterol, critics of the study have been many. They point out that eggs themselves don’t damage arteries with inflammation as smoking can by priming them for plaque build-up. And they add that the researchers failed to take into account other dietary factors of the participants (high saturated fat intake in general) and important things like exercise and statin doses that can affect heart health. All in all, the study must be taken with a grain of salt.

The truth is eggs are quite the perfect food containing just about every nutrient our bodies require. So don’t even dream of trading your omelet for a pack of Marlboros. Know that moderate consumption of eggs (one a day for healthy people and four per week for folks with heart disease) is still considered perfectly acceptable despite their cholesterol content. 

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