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I have many clients that tell me they know they need to workout but for a laundry list of reasons they don’t.  I understand that many times when one does not feel good about oneself the last thing he or she wants to do is put on shorts,  spandex or other workout gear and be surrounded by the unrealistic bodies often found in NYC gyms. Recently I met an amazing woman, Julia Dalton-Brush. She is the founder of an inspiring new website Fit Journey. She, like many of us, was a big time athlete through out high school, college and after, but then due to a family tragedy and family obligations, she turned to food for support and fitness did not fit into the mix. She then started a successful beauty business, married and had a baby leaving little time for fitness.

Fit Journey is geared towards overweight and obese people who are looking to get back into fitness or begin a new active lifestyle. What I love about the site is Julia offers a “real person’s” perspective on weight loss, getting back into fitness and general health. In addition to Julia’s voice, the site offers articles written by health professionals () geared toward every aspect of wellness including nutrition and fitness for all adults regardless of weight. There are strength training, cardio and yoga videos with Julia, a plus size athlete getting back into the fitness game herself, and top NYC celebrity trainers.

In the coming months Fit Journey will be offering seminars as well as different video series. They will range from demystifying the most intimidating workouts to cooking for your health and specific ailments. Fit Journey is an excellent online fitness destination whether you just want an informative read or a full body workout. What I find so valuable is Julia’s true personal blog- the good, bad and ugly! As Julia says: “There is no more feeling intimidated by the (wo)man behind the curtain, there is no more questioning what foods you need to eat or what to do when you walk into your first spin class. We have it all right there for you and incredible experts in your corner to answer your questions and cheer you on along the way.” In august, in response to questions https://essaysheaven.com/ about sen

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