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Back to School with NUFit™!

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With the end of summer nearing and family vacations slowing down your internal clock is slowly but surely saying, “get back to business/fitness!” Not only are your children heading off to school but it is time to jump back on the fitness train. This summer I have […]

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Sprouted Breads and Nuts

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 The Current Pros of a Thirty Year Old Health Food Trend If the word “sprout” conjures up plastic boxes of alfalfa or worse – a tub of Brussels sprouts – you’re definitely out of the current sprout loop. Once a health nut’s secret to high nutrition, the […]

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Top Brain Food For Kids


We all know young growing bodies need the best that nutrition can offer. From strong bones and teeth to maintaining a healthy weight, what we feed our kids can make a huge difference in how they develop and grow. Not surprisingly the same goes for brain health. […]

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