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Every Fall, we are reminded how much we love clothes. This season, we especially adore leather pants, a-line skirts, and lots of grey. We are also reminded how much we love food:­ apple cider, doughnuts, hot chocolate, and hearty chilis. But, Fall also means keeping up your fitness routine so that great body you worked so hard on during bikini season becomes your must-have accessory for the Fall. Here are our FITiST tips for making sure you look great in those leather pants.

1. Mix it up so your workouts keep your motivation high and your fun factor off the charts. Variety is key when training, even if you are not planning on running the NYC Marathon in November. Doing the same workout every day can lead to injury. We have run some of our fastest marathons by training smart – incorporating yoga, indoor cycling, and core workouts into our weekly routine.

2. If you are just getting into working out,start off slowly. Build on your volume and intensity of workouts each week. If you are a veteran, challenge yourself not only by stepping up the intensity, but trying workouts that fall outside your comfort zone.

3. Don’t forget about nutrition. Being fit is not just about working out, but eating right. (So eat those doughnuts in moderation!)

4. Contact us at FITiST to help customize a plan that is perfect for your experience and goal.  Get inspired by the thousands running in the NYC Marathon and we can help create the perfect workout schedule so you cross the finish-line in 2014. No matter what you do, keep moving! Bikini season will be here before you know it! check that

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