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Farm to Table: growing like a weed

It's tough love for these 'chokes

It’s time for an update on my babies…the artichokes have outgrown their nursery and our now full scale “teenagers!” Look at these before and after pictures. Remember, artichokes are in the thistle family and in essence are weeds. Babies grow up fast. These plantlets grew from 3 […]

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Modern Medicine goes back to its roots

Modern Medicine...Man
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Wheat Berry Salad with Black Beans and Edamame

What is a Wheat Berry? Despite their name, a wheat berry is not a fruit!  Wheat berries are the small, circular, unprocessed wheat kernels.  The wheat berry consists of the bran, the outermost layer and the germ layer, which lies under the bran.  Unless you follow a […]

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Hugs and Kisses…love your vegetables


Good morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  I just had to share this picture, which our friend sent to us Easter Morning… These carrots caught in an embrace were growing in Jen’s garden in San Francisco.  I taped this photo to my refrigerator as a […]

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Nectar of the gods…Celebrating wine in Argentina

Jumping for the joy of wine!

“Cheers, Prost, Santé, Bottoms Up” all over the world friends and families express happiness and goodwill as they share a meal and a bottle of wine.  Here in Chile we clink glasses and wish each other Salud or “Health.” Summer is turning into autumn in the Southern […]

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Luck of the Irish: Tips to recover from a Tipsy St. Patty’s Day

Irish Car Bomb(ed)

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and while I cannot claim a single drop of Irish blood, or of ever finding a four leaf clover, my friends and I celebrate Irish culture each March 17th with Irish pride! Celebrating generally involves drinking beer dyed green, sipping Jameson […]

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Farm to Table: heart to heart

Me, Mama 'Choke

Hello everyone!  I’m writing you now, officially a mother…to 3,800 baby artichokes! You may recall from my last post that I am volunteering for an artichoke pilot program while I am here in Chile.  Considering my last attempt at gardening had a success rate of about 15%, […]

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Farm to Table: fruit for all seasons

Farm to Table

Hello Everyone!  It’s been a very exciting time here in Chile, and I can’t wait to tell you about some of the things I have been learning! The next few installations of Health: Here, There, and Everywhere, are going to follow the journey of two of my […]

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No Need to Super Size For Super Bowl


I love NYC for so many reasons. It is awesome to see the guys on the corners over a week before the super bowl selling Giants paraphernalia. Each day, there are facebook posts, news reports on the team players, specials at the bars…all in preparation for Sunday. […]

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Health: here, there, everywhere…adventures in Chile!

Pucon, Chile

Hi there! My name is Lacey Kurzius, and like you, I believe nutrition and exercise can transform a person’s life. Perhaps also like you, I needed a guide to show me “how” to get results and explain “why” it’s a lifestyle – and not a magic diet – […]

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