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In striving for a healthy, well-balanced diet, we should avoid from thinking of foods as “good” or “bad.” While it is true that there are ingredients that can be harmful to your health, this doesn’t mean that you have to completely eliminate certain foods from your diet!  I […]

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Go Nuts!

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Good news for nut lovers, according to a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a daily serving of nuts may help you live longer. This study, published in November, followed 120,000 people for 30 years. The researchers found a correlation between increased nut […]

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Truth about Tryptophan


Have you ever heard that the reason you get sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner is because turkey has high levels of an amino acid called Tryptophan? The truth is you can’t blame the post-meal food coma solely on the tryptophan in the turkey. It is a good source […]

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Cooking Oils

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From coconut to walnut to extra-virgin olive, the choice of oil to use in your cooking and meal preparation can sometimes be a confusing one. What might be best for salad making may not be ideal for sautéing. And what about monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils versus saturated […]

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Top Brain Food For Kids


We all know young growing bodies need the best that nutrition can offer. From strong bones and teeth to maintaining a healthy weight, what we feed our kids can make a huge difference in how they develop and grow. Not surprisingly the same goes for brain health. […]

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Can Grilling Really Cause Cancer?


For years health gurus have been warning against the ill effects of eating food grilled and charred by high temperature sources like your BBQ. And the truth is, carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) really can result from summer’s favorite way to cook depending on what you’re preparing and how. […]

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Start Enjoying the Benefits of Seaweed

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For most vegetarians as well as Japanese food aficionados, eating seaweed is nothing new. Recently, this long popular food staple of Asian cuisine has found a new audience. Due to its health benefits, more and more people are enjoying its versatility in the kitchen and in an overall healthy diet. […]

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H2O, K, Na


It can be confusing for most people to know what drink is suitable to replace the fluid and nutrients you need when exercising.  The balance can get even trickier when you consider other goals, like weight loss.  Will a sport drink help your efforts or can the […]

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Making Your Own Baby Food: Weighing the Pros and Cons


When it’s time for baby to start on solid food, many new moms are skipping the supermarket jars and grabbing their blenders instead. Is making your own baby food worth the extra effort and what’s really in those mass-produced versions of baby food anyway? Truthfully, most commercial […]

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Food Pairing

Did you know that if Popeye downed his spinach and drank lemonade he would have been even more of an iron man? Studies have shown that it’s not just what we eat that’s beneficial but how we pair foods that can vastly improve its health benefit. How? By increasing something […]

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