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Better TV


Have you ever wondered how Olympians fuel their bodies? You would be surprised with some of the interesting things they eat! Check out the interview that I recently did on Better.tv where I chatted about what your favorite athletes are eating!

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About.com Feature: Becoming a Dietitian


Recently, About.com filmed a people profile about being a Dietitian and asked me to share information about the profession. Take a look! direct loans online

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WPIX Healthy Eating for Kids!

Ways to integrate healthy eating for your kids!

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NY 1 Healthy Snacking

Healthy snacking may be the solution to overeating and losing weight! cash loans houston tx you almost normal interest http://youtu.be/WXsxspFMcSc

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MyPlate replacing the Food Pyramid

With the new MyPlate replacing the food pyramid in June, it can be difficult to stick to the new guidelines. Sharon Richter, registered dietician with a practice here in New York City, is here to share some tips for how to food plate your summer BBQ.

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