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Here’s what people are saying about Sharon:

Sharon taught me that I could actually eat more food, more often, and that would wake up my metabolism, causing me to burn calories and lose weight. AMAZING! I’ve lost 20 lbs, feel and look better, and I’m never hungry.

–Peter S.

Sharon taught me how to live my life without having to stop going out to eat. She also showed me ways to satisfy a craving without eating something terrible. She has taught me how to eat healthy, enjoy it, do it forever, and not feel deprived.

–Jody I.

If I had not been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I would never have learned about nutrition. And, had my doctor not recommended Sharon Richter, I would never have met her and learned so much about dealing with nutrition and its impact on diabetes. Sharon is extremely knowledgeable regarding the correlation between nutrition and diabetes and an absolute pleasure to work with. With Sharon’s expertise and all the reading materials that are now available, I have learned a great deal about, not only diabetes, but also the importance of nutrition (with or without diabetes). Nutrition is such an important part of living healthy and it has made such a difference in the way I feel, physically, on a daily basis. I am forever grateful to Sharon for providing me with the tools necessary to stay healthy.

–Roni B.

Sharon Richter is a practical “five star” registered dietician who educates her clients about how to make good-tasting healthy food choices to achieve their weight-reduction goals. Her credibility stems in part from the obviously good figure she maintains herself by practicing what she preaches. Under Sharon’s guidance I shed 33 pounds of excess body fat in 20 weeks eating at least 3 delicious, satisfying meals a day. Sharon’s encyclopedic nutritional knowledge and broad clinical experience make her the one to go to if you seriously want to lose weight and keep it off. I highly recommend her.

–John S. Mayer, M.D.

Sharon changed my life. It is simple as that. I came to her weighing 225 lbs. My total cholesterol level was 268. . Sharon’s approach was unique and refreshing and customized to my life. She took a look at the total picture of my lifestyle and made valuable suggestions on how to step down from my unhealthy choices. She gave me the freedom to be honest about what was going on without judgment, and she always focused on the solution, not the problem. She made food planning simple and gave me the confidence to explore new opportunities of how to live more fully. Her network of professionals, including personal trainers and a support group, helped me lose 65 lbs.

–Janece G.

I was telling Karina (my girlfriend) the other day that going to you was the best choice I had made while I was living in NY. If/when I ever move back to NY you can be sure to expect a new client

–Andy R.

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